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            When will I receive my Nui International commissions?

            Commissions and Daily Return for the previous week are paid the following Tuesday when the total is over $25. Commissions/Daily Return must be $25 or more to be paid. Make sure you have entered your Bitcoin (BTC) address in your Nui back office at least 48 business hours before the commissions pay date. 

            Bill purchased a $100 trading package on July 28. The package was activated on July 30. On the next payday August 6, the amount must be $25 or more to be paid. In this case, it does not meet the $25 minimum. Commissions/Daily Return will stay pending until the next pay date July 13, if the $25 minim is not meet commissions will stay until the following payday July 20. 
            Updated: 6 days ago
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