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            How do I earn from Nui International?

            There are three ways one can earn from Nui International:

            When you purchase a Nui International package you get a Daily Return from Monday through Friday. 

            Enroller commissions: 
            When a personally enrolled member buys a Nui International package the enroller receives a 10% commission for every package purchased. 
            NOTE: Enroller must have an active Nui international trading package

            TBS Commissions: 
            When a member purchases a Nui International package  10% of the purchased amount is divided into 10 levels up. You have up to ten tiers (levels) to unlock which can earn you TBS commissions. Each tier is unlocked by having an active personally enrolled member. 
            NOTE: If you have unlocked 3 tiers and someone from your 4th tier purchases a package you won't receive TBS commissions. 
            Updated: 16 Oct 2019 06:51 AM
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